Permanent Hair Remover lotion

Permanent Hair Remover lotion

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Get rid of unwanted hair and eliminate regrowth.

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PERMANENT HAIR REMOVER LOTIONPermanent Hair Remover Lotion 1

Why Use This Product:

Today Face Unwanted Hair is a Big Problem for both Men & Women. We Dont’t like Having much too Hairy Bodies. Because, It Does not only look Bad. But, it is also quite Uncomfortable. And, Because we Despire our Body Hair So Much, We run into the shop and Buy Ourselves Tweezers, Wax, and other infactive and painfull Methods of remove The Unwanted Hair. After The Long innovative Appearence Shami Cosmetics Introduce the Solution of Unwanted Hair Permanent Hair Remover Lotion ” to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently”.


Permanent Hair Remover Lotion is Very useful Product For Boys And Girls Specially For Girls that are rejected by other products .Because, it removes Hair Permanently. We assure you That it will Show You better result in 3 to 4 days….. No Side Effect 100 % result … 100 % money back Guaranty .. In Very Reason Able Price .Order Now from all over Pakistan .

Here’s how it works:

It reduces the concentration of nutrients at the base of the follicle – the place where hair growth starts. This causes miniaturisation of the root so that the hair becomes progressively thinner and softer. The effect is similar to the onset of male pattern baldness. The root is starved of essential nutrients and stops growing. Now, weekly or daily hair removal for men and women can be gradually eliminated.


After wax or thread your hair apply this product on recomended part of the skin and wait when its dry again apply  .. Repeat this Five time , and leave this for 3 to 4 hour after wash with fresh water . Best at night . Repeat this procedure Five Nights .

2 reviews for Permanent Hair Remover lotion

  1. Emaan Malik

    Very effective Product . Thank You .

  2. Ayesha Mughal

    i order this product got on exact time clear and fast communication i am completly satisfied i will order it again

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